Welcome to the NEW Belgium section on my website. I have travelled to this lovely country just across the North Sea more than sixty times. With each successive trip I love it just that little bit more. I am lucky living as I do an hour’s drive from the P & O Ferries terminal in Hull. P & O and its predecessors, North Sea Ferries, have been ferrying people and freight across this two hundred nautical mile route for over half a century. If you haven’t experienced this adventure yet then I strongly recommend that you do.

Writers faun over France, Spain and Germany but our closest neighbours in the Low Countries somehow seem to get forgotten, especially Belgium and in particular the Province of Flanders.

My forthcoming little book ‘From UK to Belgium and back’ is intended to put that right.

It will be released, firstly as an e-book, in August. With a hard-copy following on shortly after.

To give you a taster of what’s to come please download Chapter 1. “The Weather Forecast” with my compliments:

Back Cover Synopsis

I have visited our Belgian neighbours across the North Sea more than sixty times over the last twenty years. Each time I love this little country and its people just that little bit more. Taking the ferry from Hull on each occasion, I have explored the Province of Flanders by car, bus, train and tram. 

This little book provides anecdotes and memories of these trips both at sea on the ferries and in the hinterland of the Port of Zeebrugge. Flanders isn’t just about the beautiful medieval city of Bruges. Cast your net a little wider and visit Ostend, Sluis, Antwerp and Ypres. 

If you like chocolate, beer, chips, mussels and friendly people you will love Flanders as much as I do. But don’t take my word for it – go there!